TEDx Leicester – ‘Every Journey Matters’

Our theme for TEDxLeicester 2016 is #EveryJourneyMatters – “Every Journey Matters”:-To journey with Leicester, however briefly and whenever is to contribute to and be part of this amazing city’s achievement – TEDxLeicester invites you to a day’s journey with Leicester on October 26th, 2016… Everybody living in Leicester, passing through and those who once lived here and […]

The Importance of being Yourself

The most important thing you can do on this journey of life is to learn how to be yourself 

Stop & Be Grateful Friday

Gratitude is the number one thing to do, to change your life, lift your mood and motivate yourself. Join me each Friday as I take time out to stop, reflect on the week and be grateful. What are you grateful for this week?

Dealing with Guilt, Business & Motherhood

  This programme will help you understand what guilt is and how it affects your life. It will provide you with methods and tools to take back guilt free control and to enable you to make choices that create the type of life you want without feeling guilty. This is an amazing life changing programme […]

Be the positive person you’re looking for

It helps to cultivate the qualities in ourselves that we’re looking for in others.

Why People Fail

What is the real reason people fail? If you’re looking at your business or career success you have not doubt asked yourself this question. Sandra takes a look at this question and shares a couple important tips on dealing in avoiding failure.  

How to keep focused…

When everything around you is going crazy and you’re tempted to pull out your hair? One of the difficulties of being a small business owner is that he or she is the business. There is so much that has to be done. There is so much you have to become, to learn, be aware of, […]

Success Is Not A Limited Commodity

Our thoughts about success can influence how we behave making us push ourselves in directions that are really not in our best interest.  Sometimes this happens because what we believe about success may be incorrect.

I’m Stuck – Tips 1 – 3

Introduction Hello, I am Sandra Pollock of Open Mind Coaching, And this is the Mirror Challenge I have been coaching people in life, career and business for over 20 years with clients in countries all over the world.   My passion is to help people become successful, overcome challenges and take the steps they want […]

Five Things I Do Each Day

As I was taking a walk this morning, I thought of sharing the five things I do each day to keep me calm, motivated and on top of my game. Do you have things you like to do each day to help you achieve your goals and objectives?  If you do, I’d like you to share […]

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