Perspectives 360

Perspectives 360 is a simple, but effective skills assessment system, which provides a snapshot picture of the skills of the individual manager or advisor.

Perspectives 360 is built around the six Core Coach Skills:


  • For the manager – these are Planning,  Communication, Team – Working, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness and Managing People;
  • For the Advisor – these are Client Understanding, Client Relationships, Client Change Management, Advisor Impact, Advisor Effectiveness and Managing Projects.

It provides managers and advisors with an invaluable insight into how they are perceived by the people who know them best – the people and clients with whom they work.  Each of the Core Management Skills is further sub-divided into six Specific Skills.

As a result of the assessment, you receive a detailed report on your skills, which is used as the basis of a one-to-one feedback and further development.

How Does Perspectives 360 Work?

Once you have agreed to take part in the assessment, your name and e-mail address will be submitted on-line, along with those of the people who will also be assessing you.  You will then receive an e-mail containing your user name, password and a link to the Management Perspectives website.

When you follow the link and enter your details, you will first be prompted to complete some demographic details about yourself and then to score yourself against a set of behaviour statements, indicating the frequency with which you believe you demonstrate these behaviours.  The questionnaire takes around 10-15 minutes to complete and if you need to, you can save the assessment and return to it at a later time.  All statements must be scored.

The people that assess you will complete the questionnaire in the same way. Their responses will remain completely confidential – the scores of all respondents will be combined before the report is produced.

Once you and all of the respondents have completed the questionnaire, an eight-page report will be produced and returned to you.  This will include a Specific Skills Profile, an explanation of the assessment and a set of suggestions on how you could improve your management or advisor skills, dependent on which assessments you which you are completing.

What Respondents Should I Choose and How Many?
A range of respondents giving a 360 degree view is most suitable, including clients, colleagues, partners and other people who have an appreciation of how you operate in the coaching environment.  Around six is a reasonable number although up to ten are acceptable.  High numbers can sometimes lead to difficulties in getting them all completed in a reasonable time.  Please make sure that you brief all of your respondents although they will get an introductory e-mail outlining what is required.
Scope of Tool:
There are currently four edition which cover:
  •  Managers Edition
  •  Assessors Edition
  •  Business Advisor Edition
  •  Public Sector Managers Edition

Each designed to improve performance within your profession.

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