Analyse your own mistakes – Making Personal Progress

Analyse your own mistakes and criticise yourself.  “Let’s keep a record of the fool things we have done and criticise ourselves.  Since we can’t hope to be perfect, let’s do what E. H. Little  did: let’s ask for unbiased, helpful constructive criticism.” – Dale Carnegie.

We all do some fool things every now and then, if only to be reminded that we are human and imperfect.  The wonderful thing is that we all have a turn at this one, so no one can accuse another with total impunity.

Through reflecting on what you have done and why will help you to analyse the motives and well as you actions.  We know they say the road to hell is pathed with good intentions, but I would prefer to have good intentions over bad any day.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, just be honest with yourself and learn what you can for next time.