Are You Being Willfully Blind?

Have you ever thought about willful blindness? A legal term used when people and organisations are able to find out about something, but choose not to. Or know about something, but refuse to acknowledge it and tell the truth about about. The reason for a refusal to see or speak about something might be fear, fear of retaliation. This is a very good TedTalk on the subject by Margaret Heffernan. Really worth a watch.

CEOs, Directors and all managers need people around them that are prepared to tell the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.

Can you identify gaps in your company where people, maybe including yourself are being wilfully blind?

And are you prepared to be different? It is only in being different that are really able to make a change for the benefit of everyone else.

I really enjoyed this challenge TedTalk.  Its good be challenged every now and again.