Assessing Your Personality Type

Finding out more about yourself gives you the power to take control of:

  • your responses,
  • the decisions you make,
  • where you place your energy,
  • understand why you like things the way you do,
  • what energises you and interests,
  • what causes you stress or creates conflict for you
  • and much more…

Taking the time to find out more about yourself is a big step forward to creating the life, career or business you want. 

How would like to feel and be more in control of you?

The better you understand how you tick, makes it easier to make decisions and take actions that work for you over being manipulated by others or just being pushed by life itself.

Do you know your Personality Type Preferences?

Your personality type is really how you prefer to interact with the world around you, information, decisions.   As well as learning more about you, taking an assessment also helps you understand the people around better.  Suddenly you’ll understand why you and your partner or coworker sometimes seen to speak a completely different language or want things done differently.

No, he or she is not trying to drive you insane, they just have a different set of preferences, that help them see the world differently.  

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been one of our most used personality type assessment tools.  This easy to use tool bring personal, type and organisational clarity.  It is one of the most realiable and valid self-report personality inventories available. 

Find out how to work with your teams to improve their job satisfaction, improve communication, reduce comflict and create greater understanding.  

If you could like to find out more about this and other organisational development tools we use and they can help you and your business,  please drop us a line. 


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