Brussels: Mothers in Management – Family Friendly Enterprises

Director Sandra Pollock is off to Brussels to speak at another European Conference on Friday 8th February 2013.

This time Open Mind has teamed up with the Malta Institute of Management, Women in Management and The European Economic and Social Committee to host Mothers in Management – Family Friendly Enterprises.

Topics to be covered in the conference include Pioneering Women Leaders, Best Practice in Small and Medium Size Employers (SMEs) and Women on Company Boards.   We hope that this will be more than an opportunity to discuss this important economic and socially impactful topic, but that we will emerge with clear steps that all countries and businesses will be able to act on to improve our business strategies and maintain balance in the home.

Sandra will be speaking on ‘Pioneers to Lead’, where she will present some of the facts regarding the number of small and micro business across the European Union and their impact on the economy.  She will also raise the issue of our overall responsibility to create a new, up to date and realistic, working economy that is fit for purpose and faces up to the reality of our need for change.

The other members of the UK delegation are:

Programme Schedule and complete list of speakers  Mothers in Management: Family Friendly Enterprises Programme Schedule

Other hosting partner for this European event are:

  • The Malta Institute of Management (MIM)
  • The European Economic and Social Commission  (EESC)
  • Women in Management

We thank all of our speakers and contributors for their support and willingness to contribute to what should be an enlightening debate. We look forward to reporting on the outcome and any follow up activities.


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