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I was listening to Ajit Nawalkha, Zentrepreneur recently.  He was talking about the time he did his first video.  Many business owners friends said to him, but Ajit you have not made one call to action in your video.  You made no request for people to buy your service.

Image result for Ajit NawalkhaOne person suggested that maybe should make a $9 offer first before he did anything else so that people would buy from him. But Ajit shared that for him he is doing what he does because he wants to share with passion and help people achieve what they want out of life.  I certainly understand that I feel the same way.

He said that he knew that he could do what others were advising him to do, but it just did not feel right to him.  I can totally understand what Ajit where is coming from.  It resonated with me so well.

When I first started my business and at times these days, I struggled to do many of the things that most business people, marketers and experts were advising that we should do as business people to sell our services.

I strongly dislike the hard sell, the desperate, urgent, pushy selling that seems to be almost everywhere today.

My passion is in helping people achieve the skills to attain the life style and success within themselves first of all, and then in their life, career and business that they long to have.  I know the dreams we have can be achieved if we only learn how.

To me the hard sell, the pushing seem faults, wrong and in most cases totally inappropriate.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  It feels unjust to me – immoral.

Like everyone else, I also want to earn an amazing income and have a quality of life that I dream of too, but I cannot push, prod and cajole people into buying from me. For me, this is morally wrong.

george-lizos-metaphysical-me-authenticityIf something does not feel right within my core, I cannot and will not be doing it.  So much like Ajit, I run my business from the point of view where I work to develop relationships in the old fashion way based on developing through the ‘know, like trust formula.   Treating people with respect and as though they have both the intelligence and ability to make good decisions for themselves because we all do.

I realise that this is not the way for everyone, and I realise that my way might seem slow.  Some people have even thought I’ve missed out on opportunities, I’ve missed out on money, but I never have and I never do.

Many people that I have encounter who have rushed, pushed and developed connections that were not based on trust have come and gone.  They may have made some money and maybe still do, but the reputation they have developed means that they have to keep moving on to a new group of people and creating a new group of surface friendships.  Until this group finds out what they are like and their sales begin to dry up.

My clients come back again and again and recommend me to their contacts, friends and families and this is for two reasons; firstly and foremost because of how I treat people and secondly because I am damn good at what I do.  But no one would ever be interested enough to find out how good I am or believe what I say, if the experience they have, of how I treated them was not good.

When we start our businesses and when we are developing strategies to run our businesses, we should also include a principle that considers how long we want to be around, what our reputation longer term will be and how we will measure these.

There is not a way of klt2being when you are an entrepreneur that is different from how you are in your everyday life.  If both are not the same, one will sooner or later expose the other and who you truly are will emerge.

Business is still about people.  If you cheat people in your approach to how you get them to buy from you, it will come back to you.   This is an inescapable principle of life.

If people buy and then have buyer’s remorse, it means in all cases that they were pushed into it.  You could well lose them forever: the experience or emotional taste you leave with them is something that they will hardly forget.  If I am cajoled into making a purchase and feel badly about it, I’m not going to want to be in a position to be forced into buying from you again, even if you allowed me to return whatever it was that I bought and get my money back.  The experience with you would have tainted our relationship.  Even it I observe you doing this to another person, the experience will taint how I see you and it will feel to me as though you are treating me the same or that you would.   The outcome will be the same.

I am less likely to recommend your service or speak highly of it.  What I will however recount is my experience, which would not have been one I liked.

That is why it is important that we, business owners and managers, should develop our inner selves so that our insecurities about who and what we are, do not leak out into our business or career lives and become limiting beliefs that cause us to falter, fail or behave in a manner the is wrong.

I realised a very long time ago that the way I do business is different, but it is right for me and those people who work with me.  Like attracts like, so there are those customers, clients and associates who will gravitate to you and your way of working.  Don’t be pressured into being or becoming something or someone you are not, in the false belief that it will bring you lots of money.   It may work for a short time, but not in the longer term.  Your reputation will suffer, as will your business and your career.

As I’ve always told my daughter and I’ve believed for myself, just because something is right for someone else, but does not make it right for you.  Do what is and feels right for you in your business and career.  Doing thing this way will ensure that you are authentic, real, confident and demonstrate that you are true, truthful, trustworthy and reliable.  No one wants to work with anyone they have to keep looking over their shoulders with.

Become comfortable with who you are.  Treat people with honesty, transparency, respect, and truth.  Go with what brings you peace of mind and joy.  On this path, you find your true self, even in business.


Be uniquely you – Sandra Pollock

Be uniquely you, not a carbon copy of someone else, doing things just because other people are doing it.  Find your true self and be that as strongly and committedly as you can.  Your way may seem different to everyone else’s.  You may feel like the only person swinging upstream whilst everyone is floating down, it does not matter as long as you have peace and joy within yourself about what you are doing in your business and in how to sell, promote to and care for your customers and associates.

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