Good Character

“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what reputation is. You can’t control it. The only thing you can control is your character.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

These days it seems that many people fail to understand the difference between the two.

It is better to understand and develop strength of character, as it is from here that trust and true respect is fostered. Respect for oneself and from others.

Strong character and moral fibre will see you through any situation, even those which may be beyond your immediate control.

In these times if we maintain a true and honest character, this will be remembered and rewarded by customers and friends now and in the times of plenty.

Everyone wants to stand out now and people are looking for those who will not treat them dishonestly.

A generation ago a good character was of more importance than it has been in recent times. I believe the topic and study of character needs to become important again and needs to be taught, demonstrated and celebrated.

We have seen little example to good character in our politicians of late and our youth have few role models of good character to be reminded of. Not necessarily because none exist, but because this does not seem to make good news. This needs to be changed and we need to be the ones to change it.

You should be known by your word. Your word should be your bond. If it is not, this will surely come back to haunt you. If not today, then certainly tomorrow.

To succeed in business, at work, socially or even at home, a true and trustworthy character is required. The person who not trustworthy suffers at his or her own hand.

The wonderful thing about good character is one can start to develop it anytime and from any place.

The difficult thing is that it means changing behaviour and habits. And maintaining this change consistently This can be hard, but not impossible. Many of the people in history that we respect and endeavour to learn from today have demonstrated strength of character. This is what made them different; what made them stand out from the crowd. Good character will be there to sustain you, your choices and your efforts on your time uncertainty and need for inner resources. If you’ve not built it you stand in shifting sands.

However, for the brave comes the reward of self respect, inner confidence and self belief, but most of all self determination and inner pride. A few things sadly missing in our youth today.

It does not make one perfect, but it will give you inner strength and self respect. A couple things all the money in the world cannot buy.

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