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I’m Stuck and I Don’t know What I Want to Be or Do

That heading or something quite close to it is a complaint I hear quite often.  People say this because they are unsure about what they should be doing, and when they don’t ve even know where they should start.  So I thought I would share a few tips on how you can get started and move away from being stuck if this is where you are just now.

This list is also one that will come in handy as a refresher when we feel we need to check where were are.

Actually, these are actions I take myself whenever I get to wondering what I really want to be doing next or planning my future when I’ve achieved the things I’ve had on my list to do.

So let’s start out by looking at why people can sometimes find themselves feeling stuck.

Usually, this happen because we don’t know or have forgotten who we really are.  We all start out life being directed and instructed by our parents and those around us.  So much, that many of us never really get into the groove of connecting with ourselves, who we really are inside.  We somehow get the impression that this is not quite the done thing, the way life should be conducted, the way things are done.

So what happens is that we end up disregarding ourselves, our own views, opinions, ideas, wants and needs in place of those of others. Someone else in authority.  Someone else who knows best.

Unfortunately, through this pattern, we can end up believing that the view of others is far more important than our own.  In many cultures especially with their girls, this how they are raised and this can become a huge problem as when the girls grow older.

Over time, this mental and emotion positioning will eat away at us from within and we lose our self-value, self-esteem and confidence. We loose our ability to decided and make choices for ourselves.  Even if we don’t completely lose this, we may still struggle with self-confidence and self-belief.  And these blind spots can hold us back for years. When we don’t know for ourselves what we would even like to be or what we might want to do or try.  Some people become too afraid to try anything at all, so end up not doing the things they dream of doing.

The redeeming thing about human beings in this situation is our indomitable spirit, it will always keep surfacing.  Pushing itself upwards, because it wants to be heard.  It wants to be, to be alive, to achieve and to grow.

This is the sense of dissatisfaction we experience and causes us to begin to ask questions about who are and what we want to be.  That is how we know and feel that we are stuck.  We born to move forward and to grow.  So if you’re feeling this way and asking these questions, you are actually on the right path.  Feeling stuck is the first step toward moving from where we are now to the amazing places we will be tomorrow.

So here are some tips to getting moving forward and no longer stuck and unsure of what you might want to do or become.

  1. Connect with yourself
  2. Don’t be afraid of You
  3. Learn to listen to yourself responses anywhere in our body.
  4. Identify you core values.
  5. Accept and take responsibility for yourself and your life journey.
  6. Prioritise what you want to do now, in the near future and in the distant future.
  7. Start with making small plans for the things you and to do.
  8. Do things that make you happy.
  9. Stop every now and again to check out how you’re doing against your plans.
  10. Find people that lift you up
  11. Find people who believe in you
  12. Choose carefully who you hang out with.
  13. Measure both your own behaviour and that of those around to against your core values.
  14. Always keep learning
  15. Get mentoring and/or coaching support.

In the next couple weeks, I will be sharing on each of these topics proving you with more insight into each.

Here is an Audio Recording of this blog.  Feel free to listen in.

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