The Launch of a New Business – Etieno Skincare

In my work, I get the opportunity to support many new businesses as I provide services and support through training, mentoring and coaching.

On Thursday this week, I was in London again, working with an amazing young business woman Precious Jason, who a couple years ago was given a diagnose of cancer.  As you can image this was a shocking piece of news that no doubt knocked you off her feet.

Most people would have allowed this situation to defeat them, but Precious has in her amazing way, used her experience to create a business that not only gave her a reason to fight and to live but has given her a gift which she can now use help other cancer suffers to recover the quality of their skin, their sense of beauty and health more quickly.

Having met Precious a few years ago, it has been my pleasure to provide support as a mentor, to her in her journey to create her business – her dream.

Starting and setting up a new business can be hard work, actually for most people it is.  There is so much you need do not know and have to learn, not only about the product or service you wish to deliver but about business itself: the marketing, sales, financials, IT, social media, processes, infrastructure and the list can go on.

When you are also deal with a health matter as serious as cancer, this can treble the internal and mental resources you need to make your business happen.

It has been a long two years in the making but Etieno Skincare is now launched to much acclaim.  In her march to setting up and launching her business Precious Jason has won not one, but two awards:

  • Best Holist Business of the Year 2016 – Holist Magazine
  • Best New Business 2016 – The PRECIOUS Awards

It has been both an honour and a pleasure to work with Precious on her amazing journey.  The launch of Etieno was a resounding success and I have no doubt that this business will continue to thrive for many years to come.  Having the right support to building and grow your business in paramount in all situations and we at Open Mind will continue to be there for Precious and Etieno Skincare.

Having the right support to build and grow your business is paramount in all situations.  Being there to complete the final organisation of the launch, to hear Precious share her journey and her plans for the future was for me the icing on the cake that has been so for its founder.  Her tremendous strength of character, passion and determination are to be highly commended.

static1-squarespaceI would encourage you to visit the Etieno website and read Precious’ story.  Better still, try her products for yourself and give her a review.  The products are created for those suffering the ravages of cancer but are also excellent for all skin.

As a compassionate and ethical business owner, Precious ensures that all of the ingredients for Etieno Skincare are 100% natural and ethically sourced.  Precious continues to support other cancer suffers in other ways as well.  The launch event raised over £100 for the charity Shine .

It is our joy at Open Mind to help businesses not only succeed but to thrive.  We work hand in hand with you to make that happen.  We wish continued success to Precious Jason and Etieno Skincare.

Video of the highlights of the Etieno Skincare launch.

Here are some pictures I managed to take during the evening’s event


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