We all have leadership qualities and leadership potential. It is really all about how or whether we choose to develop these to their full potential.

Some leaders are born, many more are made, as they allow the challenges and opportunity of life to shape them into what can be an inspiration for others.

Very few people see themselves as leaders or even desire the role. But the journey to being a leader begins when you realise you:
can make a difference;
have something to say;
have something to contribute;
have a passion and a vision for something;
stand up for something you believe in, even when other people don’t.

We can all do the right thing at the right time, even in the face of opposition.
It is at that time and in that moment that we become a leader, an inspiration. We become the best of humanity.

The point is though, we may not always know when that right time or moment is going to come, so it’s about being in that moment all of the time.

But more importantly even when we can see what lies ahead (at those unpleasant times) and we still choose to do what is right. That is the choice of a leader.

Creating and following a pattern of behaviour: one of demonstrating leadership qualities all of the time.

The leadership journey is about creating a more improved you.

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