People Buy People You know

I just finished speaking with a wonderful client of mine, who was invited to do a radio interview, which he declined because he did not want to talk about himself.   He was more interested in talking about his organisation.

I must admit I disagreed with his decision not to take up the opportunity of a radio interview.    Obviously I had to explore the real reasons why he might have declined this.

Few of us would admit to liking to talk about ourselves, but from my experience I would say, that if we were put in the right situation, talking about ourselves would be a dream come true.   But being put under the spot light of the a Radio station or TV station, the interest and excitement might fade rapidly.

If you run a business or manage an organisation nowadays, being in the spot light is one of the things we will have to deal with at some point in our careers.  It is not always pleasant, but if now comes with the territory.

Many of us tell ourselves that we are passionate about what we do or the cause the fight for, but think we should be able to separate our passion from ourselves.

If we run or manage an organisation, we need to appreciate that our passion for that business or cause is what brings it to life.  Whilst we are promoting or fighting to get people to understand it or engage with it, it is us who people will see first and need to engage with before they are interested in or even prepared to find out about why we are here; what we are interested in.

When we delve deeper into the whole thing about not wanting to talk about ourselves, many times it comes down to the old human fear of not wanting to be rejected.  We feel that other people may not think our life, experience etc  is good enough; others might pass judgement on our life and decisions.  So to avoid the pain of rejection we try to hide behind something else; something we think is more important or more interesting that us.

In doing this we miss a very important element in communication, marketing and promotion.  People need to feel a connection with the person delivering the message, before they are prepared to listen to the message.  People need to buy into the person first – people buy people.  Only when you connect in this way will you prepared the ground for sharing your passion, your interest or even your product or service.

The best way to deal with all fears in our lives, is to learn to deal with them – face them head on, develop strategies to manage them and learn that fear is most of the time an opportunity to learn something different about ourselves and to improve and strengthen our ability.

Going back to my client, I am pleased to say that I have been able to coach him through this area and he has successfully completed his first Radio interview and reports that the experience was far more enjoyable than he had expected.   His did not mind talking about himself and also got quite a bit of time to talk about his organisation.



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