Success Is Not A Limited Commodity

Our thoughts about success can influence how we behave making us push ourselves in directions that are really not in our best interest.  Sometimes this happens because what we believe about success may be incorrect.

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Success 1It’s Saturday morning and we’re just in the house getting ready to do the Saturday thing, which today happens to include collecting my beautiful daughter from university.  Hurray, she’ll be home for the summer.

But as I was getting ready I was having some thoughts about success.  So I’ve decided to share these with you.

Success in Career and Business

When it comes to success in the world of career and business, many people think that there is a lack of success out there.  There seems to be a feeling that it can only happen to a few chosen fortunate people and therefore they are going have to fight and work really hard in order to be successful.  I’m not saying you don’t have to work hard, but maybe not as hard as you may think or not in the way you might think.

If the above is how you see it, then you’re operating from a place of lack, shortage, and scarcity in your thinking about success.  This type of thinking is bound to make you feel stressed, unnecessarily competitive with others and at times even desperate.

You see, if you’re thinking like that, you’re already starting out from a negative, a minus position in your thinking, so yes, you’re right, it looks and feels like hard work even before you start.  And your emotions will be experiencing this negativity too.

So I’d like to recommend 3 simple tips to help you address this.

  1. Identify what success is for you.

First of all, sit down and really think about the things that would make Qualifications for new managersyou happy, really happy.   Some people might argue that success and happiness are different things, but really at the deepest level of this, they are the same.

So, write out a list the things that would help you to appreciate, measure and recognise success if it were to knock on your door or happen to you.

Knowing what is your own idea of success and what success actually mean to you, (irrespective of what others think success should be) will stop you feeling envious of the success others achieve.

This will also stop you feeling as though you have to be in competition with others, because you will be able to reconnect with what success means to you and easily recognise that although they are receiving the applause for their outcomes (and rightly so) what they have achieved may not actually be on your own list of things that you need to make you feel successful.   It will stop you from feeling you have to achieve the same things even when those things are really not what you want or what’s right for you.

We can get carried away in the moment and end up in places of emotional states what we don’t need to be in when we are not clear about our own desires within.

Having a very clear idea about what you think is success for you will help you maintain your own peace of mind in a world of unnecessary competition and stress.

  1. Realise that success is actually different for different people.

This is a small but extremely important and powerful point.  We may have similar things on our list, but even these will have different levels of importance and meaning different things for each person.

Success is meant to be unique and different, not all the same.

Success is meant to be unique and different, maybe similar, but not all the same, because the views and experiences of each person will make what’s ever on their  list; it’s meaning and desired outcome different.

  1. True personal success is not a limited commodity.

OMTD 26Because personal success and what it is, is different for each person, this affirms the fact that success is not and can never be a limited commodity, as we may sometimes feel pressured into thinking.

Success is not some natural precious mineral that only exists in only one place on the planet.  Success is not something that only a few people can dig out of the earth.  Success itself is not tangible.  Success is actually a feeling, an emotion, a state of being, even a perception.

Yes, there are many physical and tangible things that you may want to have in your life to show as a demonstration of your achievements such as a nice house and car, 3 holidays a year, expensive clothes, a healthy bank balance, etc., but these things are just the external evidence of successful achievement through your actions.  These are actually fabulous and lovely things to have and to what to have – nothing is wrong with that at all.  We all want a better standard and quality of life and we deserve it.

However, these can be taken away or lost, and without them, you can still be and feel successful.  For some people success is a loving family, enough food, a safe, sheltered and warm place to live.  Other things are just jam and icing on the cake.

I’m not making any judgements here at all.  I personally want the best quality life I can have and I’m working towards that each day.  My point is that personal success is a personal thing that no one can horde and accumulate to the detriment of others.

Far too often success is only attached to the tangible evidence, but true personal success is far more that than.  We all, including me, need to remind ourselves of this every now and again.

No one can hold your success away from you when you’re clear about what it is and what it means for you.  When you get clear about what success really is, you’ll realise that success is much easier to achieve than you may have thought.  That is, the real inner success that we’re all looking for.

There’s enough success

There is enough success out there for everyone.  So don’t be afraid to help others achieve their success.  Actually, you may be surprised to find that in helping others achieve their success you achieve your own.

Simageso, you can put down the competitiveness.  You can start from a place of equality know that success is not limited and your share is readily available.

A lot of people say ‘go and get success’, I say be a success, start from within and know what it is for you, then just be that.


You can spread success, but you can never horde it or hold it back.

So spread the success by helping others.  Spread the love, share the love. Be a success.

Sandra Pollock

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