The Right Place for the True You

The course of life and career can lead you to an interesting place.  Working with a senior manager recently who was considering a change in career direction made me reflect on the following points.

As we journey through our lives,we can sometimes find ourselves existing in a place of comparisons, compromise and competition, in many areas not only in the workplace, none of which are wholesome or constructive.

The results can at times be destructive to our confidence, competence and moral; a result which can leave one feeling that your abilities and skills have somehow diminished.

It’s at times like these (and one would hope that there are not many in ones’ life time) that it’s important to remember that you are good at what you do, but you don’t always find the right place where you are actually and fully allowed to be good.  People want a piece of you, but always on their terms and in their own way, which may not be what’s best for you.

Finding the right place or the right environment that’s right for you and brings out your best abilities is just as important as the right salary and benefits.

Every workplace or organisation is not for you, although the concept of just finding a job would give that impression but this is far from the case. It can also, be the reason some people struggle to succeed in their careers although they are very capable.

It takes a strong, confident and independent character to realise when an environment, circumstances or people are not right for them and to take action that is in their best interest, irrespective of how things might appear to others.

If you want to find good examples of this, just take look at some of the most admired business leaders of our time.  You can see this in the likes of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Arianna Huffington.  There are many others, I’m sure you can think if a few yourself.

And in similar vein, each group of people you come across socially or in the work place may not be right for you to be a part of.  You do become like those with whom you keep company, so one should consider your associations very carefully.

And if you don’t become like they are, you will encounter continuous friction whilst in their company.
If we are to develop to become our true and our best selves, it is important that we are courageous enough to choose what will enhance our true selves and create the right environment to help us achieve our highest potential.

This applies to all areas of your life.

The bold and courageous are admired, but usually only after others see the results of their decision to do things differently and to stick with what they intuitively know is right for them, disregarding the common, most frequently traveled roads.  Their admiration comes, but not  whilst they are in the process of making bold and courageous choices like these.

Your personal fulfillment and peace of mind, in the long term is worth far more than the short term unreliable favour of others.  The best thing you can do as a leader and a manager is to ensure that you are in the right place that will help you to bring out the very best of who you are and what you can achieve for yourself and others.  Or be bold enough to move on and find that right place the true you.

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