To Learn or To Pay – A Choice

I know, people tell you that if you don’t know how to do something get someone else to do it who does and I actually agree with that.

It’s likely to be done far more quickly, you don’t spend a day and a half on one thing when you could be doing so many other things in that same time, your frustration levels are likely to be zero, at least, when it comes to that task and you’re likely to feel ever so slightly more sane at the end of the process.
However, not spending a day and a half trying to figure out each and every stage of a process, learning to use a software programme that should be child’s play (taking into account you’re not a child), sending yourself a quarter of a million emails to check how things look after passing through the corridors of the internet, trying to figure out several other ways you could try something to make it work and look the way you want it too, when the easy option does not work and then finally accepting that is works well on some platforms but not on others, would not give you the knowledge and experience you needed to learn and be able to see through the BS some people might want to tell you when you ask them to do it for you.
ChoicesOr on the other hand, this experience will actually help you to understand that those who can do this task in far less time (say 30 minutes) may well be worth their weight in salt if you’re into using that much salt these days.
But actually, I’m happy.  A few gremlins still to learn about and sort out, but the task is pretty much done and on its way to my wonderful members.
I’m someone who likes to get my hands dirty and find out for myself just how something works and how things are done.  This has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to support my clients, even when I don’t need to know all of the ins and outs, I’ve learnt enough to know what’s expected to get the job done and done well.
So working through a new online magazine platform, connecting this to the newsletter plugin for another one of my websites, has taken far, far longer than an expert would have taken to get it done, but I actually love playing around with this kind of stuff, so it has been worth it on several fronts.  I might not want to do it all day every day, but I love learning new things.  I may well pass the task on next time, but I’ve learnt this time.
But running a business is all about making choices, a practice we do each and every day.  However, we can get so focused on dealing with the really ‘important’ things that should help us to make money quickly that we can forget how important it is to learn and to play.
Doing something that you enjoy, instead of only doing those things which are considered the priority and important can, at times lead to burn out.  It’s good to try to learn something new that is related to your business so that you don’t forget how much fun it used to be when you started out with your business or your career option.
Keep Calm & Enjoy ItReconnecting with the fun of learning and doing something new that is related to my businesses also helped me not feel guilty about spending some much time on a task I could have given to someone else.  It was fun.
So the choice is not always about money but can at times be about creativity, enjoyment and growth.
You choose.