SwanReflection © 2014 Sandra Pollock

What is my business?

A reflection on my business journey so far

© 2014 Sandra PollockFor the last 7+ years I have spent almost all of my time working on and building up my business.  When I first started out I was pretty sure or so I thought, of what my business was, what I wanted to do, what set it up to offer and that sort of thing.

However, as I got more into my business there were a few things that I realised that I did know, both about myself and about how to run a business.  As I’ve learnt more about the latter over the years and I should say, I’m still learning how to run a business, I realised that I’ve moved further away from what my core business started out to be.

I was wondering why this may have happened.  I think there are a few reasons for this and these I have found, from working with and talking to other business owners, are similar steps in the path of business development, that happen to many women as they start and develop their businesses.  I’m sure there are some guys that will identify with this as well.  Building a business iw far more of a journey than some realise.  So some of the reason for this that I’ve recognise are:

  • Pressure to compete in the market place.
  • A loss belief for the need or place for my own product and services and
  • Loss of or initial lack of self-confidence.

When you begin networking with other striving business people, you can sometimes become over whelmed by the volume of businesses out there and more importantly the apparent, volume of businesses seemingly doing the same thing as you.

This can lead you to do a couple things a) compromise b) take your eye of the ball or loose your own focus for your goals and objectives, c) loose confidence in your own product and d) fall for the lie that you need to retrain or get a whole heap of qualifications in a long list of areas.

I would say that all of these things happened to me.  More to the truth, I allowed these things to happen to me, but I know that I am not alone, because this happens to many new business owners.

I’m not saying that there is not a need to learn an array of new things and more so about how to run a business, as this will have become a new and important income stream.  And learning about running your business is likely something that will be ongoing, as technology moves so quickly, but you don’t have to do it all at the same time, in the first 6 or 12 months.

The difficulty that some new start-up have is the lack of support and direction that is sometimes available when one decides to start ones’ own business, but that is another discussion for another day.

Looking back now I realise there were some big mistakes that appeared in my thinking.  The first error I made was in the mistaken thought that what I had to offer was not valuable for others.  This doubt gradually crept in as I began (another mistake) to compare my offer that of others.  You need to be aware of your competition, but not stunned by them.

The second creep was in having the mistaken belief that it would be hard to get people to buy my services.  This mistake in my thinking has taken me off in same random and at times very painful directions, which I could have avoided had I held on to and believed in myself and my product more.

Another mistake I made was in thinking that no one would want to hear my story, my journey and that this it was of no value.  This mistaken belief came more from a personal position around my own family.  I thought that my story it might upset my family members too much, that it might be embarrassing to me and more over there would be nothing from my journey to motivate and inspire others. How wrong this was!

Now years later I’ve realised how very wrong I have been on all of these points.  I have realised that in telling my story, in sharing my journey (warts and all), I remain authentic to my clients and prospective clients.  In telling my story I am able offer something more human and in sharing my journey, I can better help my clients and prospect to see how they can make their journey to deeper self-knowing and self-development and higher levels of personal achievement than they thought possible.

© 2014 Sandra PollockSo what is my business? 

My business is about bring you personal development: in your career, your personal life and in your business.

Over these past years I have helped hundreds of people from all over the world to develop the level of confidence, clarity, focus and skill that has helped them to achieve the things that they only dreamt of: more profitable businesses, better management and people skills, greater confidence, innovation creativity and profit.  All from offering personal development.

The personal development industry in the UK sometimes gets bad press, because some people are afraid or ashamed to let other people know that they might need help on such personal levels, but I believe we need to change this attitude and belief.

We are all here on a journey to become our very best selves and the only way to do that, to achieve all of the things that you are capable of, is through learning, changing and growing.  And you can only do this through the help of others.  There is nothing wrong at all with getting some personal development aid you in achieving your goals.

Personal development is not only about making improvement to your personal life, but making personal improvements in how you develop your work, business and other relationships.  How you learn about and use different leadership and management skills and how you become a better person for yourself and the world around you.

And how you can leave a legacy that benefits all.

My journey into developing and growing my business has taught me a lot of things that I can share with others, allowing them to learn from.  My journey has helped me to understand the realities of starting and growing your business from the business owners point of view – first hand.  I can better identify with my clients who are business owners.

It was experience and passion for people development, leadership, managing, training and coaching that  brought me to start my business 7+ years ago and has helped me to develop what has been called a life changing service.  But my first hand busines development journey has madee me a Business Consultant with real personal experience and understanding with which to empathise with my business clients.

So I am proud of my business of personal development.  I am proud of the help support, advice, training and coaching that I provide.  And I am proud of those amazing people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with not only in recognising their need for assistance, but in taking the step to get the help and support they’ve needed.

This is step that demonstrates to yourself and others that you value yourself, you know you have more to offer, more to achieve and much more to give to the world: from the boardroom, their workplace, their communities and their homes.

It is the step of the brave: those with self-worth.