‘What Shall I Do With My Life?’

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to answer this question, ‘What shall I do with my life?’

In my work I encounter large numbers of men and women who are trying to answer this question in one way or another.  As an experienced, trained and qualified coach it is my job to help people to answer this question as quickly and clearly as possible and I am always happy and blessed when people are able to move on with answers that help them on the path to fulfilling their answer to this question.

One of main ways that help people answer this questions is working with them around the area of values.

The fact that most of us are not in touch with our values, don’t understand just what our personal values are or the huge impact values have on our motivation and direction, is there any wonder that there is confusion in our life’s direction, what makes us happy or how to change those things that may not be working for us?

In addition, our society is so focused on the material and the financial, that we ignore other elements of our human make up that are less tangible, but even more important. Tips for new managers

Finding out about values and our own values is the first step we can all take on the road to answering the question ‘What shall I do with my life?’

It may not be surprising to note that this questions arises so many times and at a variety of junctures in everyone’s life time.  It is not a once and for all type of question. Even when we have been on a road for a while, which we thought may have been right for us in the past, we can change and things can change which can make us stop in our tracks and ask this question again.

And when we begin to address this question once more, we will find the answer right back in eliciting our values, as values even though fundamental to who we are, change as we undergo different experiences in our lives.

So to answer the question ‘What shall I do with my life?’ follow the path back to yourself and your own values.


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    What’s your view on answering this question?

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