When people unsubscribe

I love it when I send out emails and I receive a few unsubscribes.  Yes, you did read that sentence correctly.  I love it because it speaks to be of growth, change and progress for me and for the individual or business concerned.

Many years ago when I was new to business, I used to be so distressed by this occurrence.  I used to feel as though I was personally being rejected.  It took me some time to appreciate that actually, these individuals were doing me a great favour.  They were giving me a wonderful gift.  The gift of helping me to clear out my lists.

As we spend so much time working both on and in our businesses, it is important to know that we are working with people who actually want our services or products.

Instead of throwing our efforts to the wind, unsubscriber is helping us to ensure that we sending our message where it is really wanted.  They help us to improve our targeting, thereby making best use of our time, efforts and resources.

The truth is, everyone is not our client.   Some people may never, ever become our client or require the service that we provide.  I have seen so many marketing advertisers and even marketing experts who would lead us to believe that we should be targeting and selling to everyone, but that is no the case.  We have our ideal client or tribe.  Those people who want what we have, want to work with us in particular, appreciate the value and benefits we bring and are willing to reward us financially for solving their problems. If these are the type of individuals who are remaining on our lists, then we really do not have a problem.

The other point about the people who choose to unsubscribe is that the fact that their lives, businesses, and situations could well have changed.  Their decision to let us know that they no longer wish to receive our emails, e-magazines and newsletter is nine times out of ten likely have nothing to do with what we are doing or offering at all.

Another thing I’ve had to learn over the years is not to take the actions of other people so personally.

The truth is, everyone is not our client.   Some people may never, ever become our client or require the service that we provide.

I have also learnt that when you provide a good service, people will come back to you when they need you in the future or recommend you to others, even when they are no longer subscribed to your list.  So, an unsubscribe notice is actually a good thing, even if it may not feel very pleasant at the time you see it.

The truth is that over the years I’ve had very few unsubcribers which is quite surprising as all of us would admit to receiving too many emails on a daily or weekly basis.  My approach however to sending emails to my clients and those on my subcription list, is to ensure that my emails are few (not every day or every week) and that the content provides added value when it is received.

I would agree with anyone who unsubscribes from my lists, if I am no longer providing value to you where you are right now in your life or business, then you should certainly unsubscribe.  You can always come back at another time if you wish to do so.

For the few who have this week, thank you.  I certainly do not take as a slight, but as a sign that your life, your business, your career needs have changed and you have moved on, much for the better I hope for you, and this to me is progress.

It’s always good to have a clear out of your lists every now and again anyway, but its better in my opinion when the subscriber chooses to do so his or herself.  Great way to make space for those who need want what you have to offer now.



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