Uppingham Art Gallery an Ideal Business

Excellent examples of good businesses can be found in many places.  The Goldmark Art gallery in Uppingham is an example of how one can develop ones passion into a business resulting in world class recognition and longevity.  The owner of the Goldmark Gallery, Mike Goldmark, started as a small book shop, but over the 40 years he has run the business, has been quick to take advantage of the changing business climate and new technology to this world renowned business.  Mike is passionate about Uppingham and attracts both art and people from all across the world to his own town.

civic guests with mike goldmarkThe Rotary Club of Uppingham hosted an evening to celebrate business in Uppingham and two exhibitions at the Goldmark gallery.  The evening included a dinner at the Falcon Hotel, just around the corner from the gallery.

Others guest on the evening included Miles Williamson-Noble, High Sheriff of Rutland, Peter Lawson, Chair of Arts for Rutland, Cllr Jayne Woodcock, Mayor of Oakham, Cllr Daid Ainslie, Mayer of Uppingham and host Rotary President Margaret Simpson.  Also seen in the picture to the left.

The exhibition presented the work of artist Dora Holzhandler and potter Clive Bowen.   It is intended that future events will showcase other dimensions of the arts in Uppingham.

Sandra with Oakham Mayor

Sandra Pollock, along with her husband are picture her in conversation with Cllr Jayne Woodcock, Mayor of Oakham.

Photographs by Alan Walters.


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