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Where Am I Going?

This Monday I’m looking at what it means when we have the questions ‘Where am I going? What am I doing’ come up in our minds or when we feel lost in our life or about a particular thing so or situation. What does it mean and how can I move forward from this point. […]

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Build Trust

  Building trust within and without of your business is the only way to guarantee that all of your players (employees, associates, contractors and customers) will be prepared to work with you to create a win – win situation, where you all benefit and you all grow. Being successful in winning the new business is […]

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Celebrating Black History Month 2016

As a member of the African-Caribbean community here in Leicester I find it uplifting, encouraging and inspiring each October when in the UK we celebrate Black History Month. Last year I have the pleasure of presenting a radio programme throughout the month of October, where I spoke to local artists, musicians, activists, presenters and many others […]

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