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Coaching is unlocking your potential to maximize your performance. It will help you learn how to get the best from yourself. Coaching is a learning process rather than being taught. You already have what you need, coaching will help you to get it out.
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Celebrating 10 Years

March 2017 starts the celebration of 10 years of being for Open Mind. We started out as Open Mind Coaching UK in 2007 changing to Open Mind Training & Development Ltd in 2011. Over these 10 years, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations in countries all over […]

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Your Potential

Every week I share a Tip of the Week on Mondays (via Facebook Live) to get you thinking about how you can get the best out of your week. For the first Monday of 2017 I thought I’d look at Potential. What is it and how can we understand and use it more effectively? Where […]

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End of Year Review

As we progress toward the end of 2016, I’m sure like me you’ll be doing the usual things like reflecting on the past 12 months, wondering where on earth the time has gone and reviewing what you’ve achieved. Making sense of your life is a huge part of what we do as human being.  When […]

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Build Trust

  Building trust within and without of your business is the only way to guarantee that all of your players (employees, associates, contractors and customers) will be prepared to work with you to create a win – win situation, where you all benefit and you all grow. Being successful in winning the new business is […]

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