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Training can change your performance, improve the quality of the service you provide, help you to learn more about your job and help you climb the ladder of success. Be better than the average, get training.

Business Planning

The side-stepped component For many business owners and start-ups the idea of having to sit down and plan out the business is something that is avoided because in these days to fast action and quick change, planning has the concept of taking too much time, and time is something that most of us don’t have […]

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Time Management For Women

We will be holding a webinar on ‘Time Management for Women’ as part of our new programmes designed to help you improve areas of work life balance for development. Free places on this first webinar are limited, so sign up now to register for your place. Here is a short video to tell you more […]

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Take A Walk With Us

We have had the pleasure of working in management and leadership with range of individuals and organisations in many Countries across the world. In the pictures below are only of few of those we have taken to help us remember and experience again those occasions when we reflect on them. We share of our experiences, […]

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