Case Study: Pearl Chemist

Pearl Chemist is a busy community pharmacy based in the Evington area of Leicester, which has been operating since 1987.  The business sells a range of pharmaceutical items and provides services to support people in recovering from health.  The Directors believe that it is just as important to help people to remain health as it is to help them recover from illness.

To achieve their core values to support to the community at all times they also work closely with the NHS, local GP’s, pharmaceutical companies and our partners to provide value-for-money products and services.

Co-Director Balvinder Hoonjan (BH) provided the following feedback on working with Sandra Pollock on the Growth Accelerator Business Growth Service programme.

  1. What business sector is your business in?

BH: A Community Pharmacy

  1. What is your role within your business?

BH: “Pharmacist and Director.”

  1. How many people do you employ?

BH: “14 full time + part time.”

  1. How did you learn about Sandra & Open Mind Coaching?

BH “Through the High growth programme.”

  1. What prompted you to seek business coaching?

BH “I realised my business was not growing and also I lacked skill to run and manage my business.  Although we had been in business and doing well for many years, we wanted to make that next step change in growth and needed help to achieve that.”

  1. What made you decide to choose Open Mind Coaching?

BH: “The company organising the high Growth Programme (Pera) recommended a number of possible Coaches and I chose Sandra to coach me.”

  1. How did working with Sandra help you and your business – what were the main areas of impact?

BH: “The number and areas where we saw change were quite a few.  These included: 

  • Business grew
  • Staff are managed well and given job descriptions: feedback from staff is that they like working for me now.
  • Developed business plan
  • Developed strategy, Vision and mission
  • Developed business Structure
  • Developed confidence in managing staff and business
  • Created a logo and website and marketing strategies
  • Work ON business
  1. How would you describe Sandra’s service to a friend?

BH: “Sandra is very efficient and great depth of knowledge, Friendly and supportive.  She will achieve results when you work with her.  I would say she is a great Business Coach.”

  1. Any other comments you would like to make?

BH: “I have a learnt a lot from Sandra. My confidence has improved and I look at my business from a completely different angle which has made a positive impact.”