Dealing with Guilt, Business & Motherhood

Dealing with Guilt, Business & Motherhood


Cost £75.00 per person


A Six Week programme that will change your life, give control of those guilty demons and empower you with confidence and peace of mind.



Even for the successful women guilt can be a debilitating problem.


In the fast paste, time pressured life we all lead today, we all want to be and achieve the very best we can.  Trying to do this is not always as easy as it should be.  When we include the pressures produced by feelings of guilt, we can begin to feel far less able than should.


Guilt can be a debilitating experience that can rob us of our confidence and power to control our lives and create success as a mother, partner and business owner.  We women seem to suffer more heavily from guilt as we feel the pressures of motherhood and trying to develop and maintain successful careers and businesses.



openreport_999x647 (1)Benefits of doing this programme

  • This programme will help you understand what guilt is and how it affects your life.
  • It will provide you with methods and tools to take back guilt free control and
  • To enable you to make choices that create the type of life you want without feeling guilty.



This is an amazing life changing programme that will truly change the way you look at guilt, your role as a mother and your business or career.



I’ve put this course together as result of hearing from so many of my clients and friends about the guilty they feel trying to be a great mother, supportive partner or wife whilst run and develop a  successful business woman.  Sometimes in trying to juggle all of these balls, we can come up against a barrage of expectations that we don’t know how to deal with and as a result battle silently with guilt.  Sandra Pollock, Director, Open Mind Training.


What will we cover?



  1. Week One – Introduction to Guilt
  • Guilt &What is it?
  • Elements that make up Guilt
  • Guilt Sources
  • Personal Reflection
  1. Week Two – Reframing Your Landscape
  • Pressure Points Discovered
  • Reframing Your Choices
  • Personal Reflection
  1. Week Three – Finding Your True Self
  • The Keys to You
  • Personal Reflection
  1. Week Four – Creating The Family Expectations
  • Finding Family Centre
  • Creativity & Fun
  • Connecting the Dots
  1. Week Five – Core Business Expectations
  • What are we here for?
  • Getting 360 degree buy-in
  • Creating and Sharing
  1. Week Six – Maintaining Your New landscape
  • Maintaining – You can do it now


In this course I will share some of the main lessons and techniques I’ve used to address and deal with the pressures of guilt, build a strong family unit, successful business and still have time for my own leisure pursuits.


Each week you will receive your workbook, information and online support to take you through each topic area of the programme. Sandra will work with you to develop the best strategy to make the best of tools she will share to remove guilt and improve you relationships across your business, career, and life, ensuring less stress, more confidence and a freedom from guilty.





“Sandra ran a webinar for my group sharing some tips and techniques to balance being a mum and running a business. The ideas and tips that she shared were profound and really helped those who watched it. They particularly enjoyed the section about values and how sharing these with the family can hep them to understand the motivation behind running the business. Thanks again Sandra for sharing this valuable information.   Michel ChildsBizmums


I hope that you will enjoy going through this programme with me and I am always happy to receive your questions and feedback on the course.  Sandra



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Dealing with Guilt, Business & Motherhood Programme

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