Qualifications for new managers

Qualifications for new managersThe best way to establish your skills, capabilities and knowledge as a manager is to learn more about being a manager, the role and expectations.

We offer accredited programmes, which include VRQ qualifications in Management and Leadership as well as Coaching and Mentoring.

These qualifications can be achieved through one or more workshops and completion of a written assignment.

Our programmes are affordable, flexible, practical and professional qualifications for leaders and managers.

The modular structure of the qualifications means that you can progress from an Award in First Line Management to a Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Management.

First Line Management

This is the perfect foundation for those just starting out or in the early part of their management career

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Management and Leadership

Designed for middle managers who are responsible for the performance of others or who aspire to a career in management

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MBA-level Qualifications

Leadership and management qualifications exploring the strategic management skills required by senior executives and managers

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How to support your new managers

Recent research by Career builders stated that 2/3 managers get no training. This same research found that more than a quarter of managers said they were not ready to become a leader when they started managing others.

Similar findings have come from a UK research carried out by the CMI. 68% of managers say they were ‘accidental managers’ and 63% of managers had no management training prior to their first management job.

The impact on the business of unskilled managers can be more detrimental than many realise. As leaders within your organisation it is important that you give your managers the best start by ensuring that they have the best training, are qualified gaining both the theory and gaining the ability to input what they have learnt practically in the workplace.

In this economically challenging environment how can you stand out from other managers?

Through developing your management capabilities, improving your skills to add value to your people and learning more about your role and responsibilities as a manager.

Management skills are required more and more across almost every industry, sector and our lives.

The purpose of management training is to develop your capabilities and effectiveness to meet the needs of the organisation you work in, develop your people reach their highest potential, add more value and feel their worth.  Starte to ensure you stand our from the crowd as a manager.  Call and arrange for a Training Needs Analysis or a Perspectives 360 Assessment today.

Whether you are a new manager yourself or have responsibility for the development of managers within your organisation, ensuring that they have the skills to do the job effectively is in your hand.

Contact us today and see how we can help you develop the management skills that will take your business to greater achievement and success.