Open Mind Coaching UK Makeover

Welcome to our new and improved website. We are always looking for new ways to provide information to our clients and friends and this initiative brings lots of new opportunities with it. You will find lots of new and more interactive areas such as:

  • Mailing list – sign up and receive our quarterly e-newsletter loaded with inspirational tips and information on personal and management development issues, information on coming events and activities and more.
  • Information on taster sessions – these are short, sweet and effective training sessions that you will enjoy.
  • Blog – where we will pass on information, articles, new services, video clips, free and discounted sessions and more.
  • Comments and suggestion area, where you can keep in contact with us, ask questions, make comments and let us know what you are interested in hearing about.
  • And not forgetting the News & Updates – find out what’s coming up, what we are involved with, sign up for events and lots more.

We hope you find our new website, informative, easier to use and enjoy the opportunity to keep in touch with us. Go to our Contacts page and leave us a comment, let us know what you think about our new site.

Our new website would not have been possible without the creative design and web making skills of Pete Lucas. Pete is usually too modest to blow his own trumpet, so I’ll do it for him. If you want someone who will not only listen to what you want your website to look like and contain, but is able to transpose your ideas into a creation to be proud of, then you are looking for Pete.

Thanks Pete another job done well – well done.

Sandra Pollock