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One Off Coaching Sessions


Cost:  Only £99.00


Sometimes we just need some immediate help, a little boost to get us back on the right track. or to help us focus, clear our thoughts and get moving again. 


At other times what we can do with is an objective mind to help us regain our focus, clear our thoughts and give us the push we need to make the changes and the progress we want to make.


If this is where you are right now, our ‘One-Off Coaching Session is just what will help you on your way.


About this package 


This is a good package for you if:



  • >  You are in a rush and need a stimulus;
  • >  You’re in need of some quick, focused support;
  • >  You could do with a push, motivation, and inspiration;
  • >  You’re facing a challenge or there’s an obstacle in your way; or
  • >  You’re new to coaching and want to find out more about it and how it can work for you.


This package includes:


>  One hour of focused coaching via phone, Skype, On-line Conference call or meeting;

>  A free copy of ‘Is Coaching for Me?’ pdf.



You can quickly and easily book your

‘One-Office Coaching Session’

and you will be working with our award winning Coach in no time.



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Cost:  Only £99.00




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What our clients say…


Sandra has a natural ability to build instant report and make one feel very relaxed in her company. Her approach is very professional yet easy going and her insights prove most valuable.  Martin Parkes, Non Executive Chairman of Trineymar Holdings.


Sandra understands fully the requirements of the client and will tailor her service to suit their needs. She is dependable and delivers on time, every time.  A Coutinho, Events Manager, NIACE.


Although I function well alone, I function best in teams and having had Sandra there to be as a sounding board support and friend has been invaluable on a business and personal level. She has given shape and structure to ideas and helped me to trust my instincts. M S Wood, Director,  Waywood Enterprises Ltd.