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Email Only Coaching Support



Cost: £400.00


There are times when need some support, but you haven’t got the time or the opportunity to arrange a full blown coaching session.  So what do you do?

As we have access to our emails on our smartphones, tablets or laptop, now your coaching support is just a click away.

Whether you travel a lot or need to get a discrete response of support, you can now get a response easily and quickly from your coach.

Let me introduce you our new ‘Email Only Coaching Support’ package, which we have introduced in response to our growing number of clients who have said this works for them.


About this package:


This package has been designed for those who might need support on an infrequent basis, due to frequent travel or other commitments, and are happy with just an email response from their coach.

To qualify for this package you will need to have already had at least had one 1-hour session with our coach.  This so that we can ensure that we know your situation, before hand, and be better able to support you via email.


What’s included in this package:

  • >  Email Only coaching;

  • >  8 email response to questions and queries;

  • >  Guaranteed response in 24-hours;

  • >  30-minute one-off  introductory coaching session by Skype, on-line conference or phone session, price included.


Please note:

This package has a time limit of 6 months.  All 8 email sessions must be used within 6 months.  No carry overs or money back in the event that all session are not taken within this time period. 



Book your introductory coaching session today,

and setup for easy Email Access to coaching support. 

Cost: £400.00




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