omtd 53 EuropeAt Open Mind we offer a range of packages to meet your needs.  Our Coaching, Training and Development programmes are flexible and can be delivered face to face, by Webinar, Skype, Google Hangout or Video.  This allows us to work with people and organisation from all around the world.

We can help you gain fastand immediate results through our focused support to address the area in your career, business or managerment where you need to learn and change things now.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a qualification, receive some high quality coaching or just some in-house training to inspire, inform or improve the effeciency of your team, we have the skill, experience and knowledge you are looking for.

Delegates in discussion

Delegates in discussion

Below is a list the our most used programmes and packages.  If you’d like to arrange a consultation use this link and we will make contact with you.


First Line Managers


If you have not seen the programme or session that you’re looking for we’d be happy to discuss your requirements give us a call on 07977227872.  We’d be happy to help you.  Give us a call today