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Strategic Planning for new managersIntroducing MAPP

What if… you had a better way to create, communicate and implement your planning strategy? MAPP enables you to fast track your organisation’s success with a proven system that refines skills and delivers visible and executable results.

MAPP is a visual mapping process that can provide a simple and easy way to make sense of planning. MAPP is regularly used to develop top level strategies but the same mechanism and process can be applied to any multi-decision process where ownership of the implementation of decisions is dispersed and difficult to monitor.

A recent paper published in the Harvard Business Review, The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution, included a list of the 17 most important organisational traits for successful implementation of strategies. The most important of all was to ensure that ‘Everyone has a good idea of the decisions and actions for which he or she is responsible.’

This finding is something that we have discovered by another purely empirical route and which now provides the foundation of the MAPP process.

MAPP allows any plan to be created, communicated, monitored and evaluated simply and quickly.

Key Benefits of MAPP

The key benefits of MAPP for an organisation can be summarised as below. MAPP:

  • Can be used as a focus for management/owners to address key issues in the business
  • Enables the creation of a robust strategy with minimum impact on time
  • Is a focus for agreement on USP and goals as well as the strategy to move from one to the other
  • Is interactive and visual so all can be involved in the process through communication
  • Stops strategy staying in the boardroom – it follows the business out
  • Enables management/owners to view progress on agreed strategy and identify issues before they become obstacles
  • Enables advisors to track progress and to pre-empt/address key issues in advice sessions
  • Enables implementers to track progress of whole organisation and celebrate success
  • Provides rolling approach to strategy delivery so that it remains continuously live rather than historic and worthless

The MAPP System

MAPP elementsMAPP comprises of two main elements, one physical and the other online.

The physical element is the MAPP box that can be used with an individual or team to work through the issues that affect them or


their company step by step.

The key issue with any agreed strategy is how to take it away and implement it successfully. This is hard using a physical product especially with diverse and often virtual teams, so this is where the second part of MAPP, the digital product comes in.

The strategy created with the physical product can be transposed to the online product very easily and this can be shared, monitored and updated by all those involved in implementing the strategy.

Find out how MAPP can change both your approach to strategy and strategic management and planning, improve your team management, quicken and improve your rate of success.

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