Training Consultancy

Staff not very motivated?

Not getting the best out of your staff?

Need to improve staff efficiency?

How can we help?

We can provide all the training and personal development support you need.

If you’ve been struggling to succeed at interviews, we can coach you through to success.

We offer a Training Needs Analysis to help you identify how to get the best out of your staff and even for individuals.

Our training programmes will target the needs of your staff in line with the needs of your business and organisation.

We can train your staff to improve their performance at work.

We can train your team to provide efficient, effective service to your customers and clients, improving your bottom line.

Benefits for you?

  • More motivated, knowledgeable and efficient staff
  • Better use of the time you paid your staff for
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better understanding and communication with your staff
  • Less stress; more time to do your job, whilst staff do their jobs
  • Set clear standards of performance, so these can be measured
  • Improved your staff management skills, knowledge and procedures
  • Greater opportunity to delegate and develop you people

Our consultancy service helps managers and employers develop the most effective training and development programme for their organisation, staff and themselves, which is focussed on organisational strategy, goals and objectives.

25 years experience in management, training and HR across various public and private sectors, we are able help identify and analyse management development. We can help by carrying out a business needs analyse  across the business as a whole, providing a focused training and development, Human Resources and/or other softer skills training programmes that will improve moral, motivate your staff and improve performance levels, thus improving your bottom line.

When analysing your individual and organisational needs we use proven practical methods with a range of diagnostic tools, which include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Management Matrix
  • Management Prospectives for Managers
  • Management Prospectives 360 for Public Sector Managers
  • Self assessment exercises
  • Perspectives 360  Assessment Feedback
  • Group discussions
  • Interview
  • Development and Assessment Centres