Case Study

Our Principles proved in practice

Bra Sense Ltd.
Sara O’Regan.
Managing Director.
I was introduced to Open Mind when I met Sandra through a networking event we were both involved with.

I would say at this point that taking time out to discuss with Sandra how she might be able to help me with my business was probably one of the most shrewd business decisions I have made for many years to date. In financial terms it has helped with a 50% improvement in profits, and has also helped to identify the best strategies and approaches for the business, which started out as just an on-line service, but is now much much more.

In terms of cost, I am a firm believer in the old adage ‘you reap what you sow‘, and I certainly think that Open Mind provides a service that is value for money.  The return on investment has far outweighed the cost.  And the time spent developing new skills, new thinking and new approaches, certainly  did not eat into chunks of my working day.  Generally we had hourly sessions, which were followed up with telephone and email contact.  So it didn’t take you away from your job as some training sessions can do.

I felt Sandra’s technique and her coaching worked for me and my company.  By this, I mean, it was bespoke.  Not a one size fits all approach – a method other business coaching or consulting companies may use.

This custom-built approach helped me and the people I in my company to discover things we hadn’t given a second thought to in the past.  It was an aid in identifying what limitations we were placing on ourselves as a company, and how this was restricting the business.

The coaching helped me to develop a specific approach that helped the business to achieve what we wanted to but were hesitant to do in the past.  Sandra offers training and development that improves behaviours and profits, which are two big areas of interest for many business large or small.

Sara O’Regan

Managing Director
Bra Sense Ltd



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