Improving Employability Prospects (IEP)

This exciting programme has been developed to help people to break down barriers they may have in finding employment.  The programme offers people the opportunity to develop practical skills to gain an interview and possibly new jobs.  This is a soft skills focused set of workshops with underlying core of improving self confidence and self belief.

Our Employability Programme – Improving Employment Prospects (IEP) provides training, development and coaching in a number of areas. This programme is effective, motivational, dynamic, creative and practical.

We specialise in Personal and Performance Development, through group and one to one training and coaching.  Our programme works to help and support individuals to change their behaviours in order to improve their chances of success in obtaining work, maintain employment and improving their personal lives.

We have a reputation for excellence in quality, flexibility, creativity and achievement.

Here is a selection of  some of the courses we include in our IEP programmes:

Confidence & Motivation          CV Writing                   Finding the right Job

Assertiveness                           Positive Thinking          Asking Questions

Communication Skills             Interview Techniques         Goal Setting

Work Ethics                              Attitude & Motivation       Personal Image

Personal Presentation             Job Search Techniques

We are happy to discuss and develop any workshop session which you might be interested in providing for your users or staff.

For more information and an introduction chat contact us today on 0116 216 0234 or speak with Sandra on 0797 722 7872.