Funded Training for Managers and Leaders

There is funded training available that may well enable you or your senior management staff to improve performance and increase your bottom line.

You can get training for your managers and leaders through the Leaders First programme.  Leaders First comes through Train To Gain, the Government service set in place to help businesses develop and train their senior management staff.  Your organisation may be eligible to get funded training for your staff.

If you or your organisation employs between 5 – 249 staff and want to improve skills and performance particularly to managers and leaders this may well be what you are looking for.


  • Training is for a Senior Manager (Managing Directors, Owner Manager, Chief Executive officers and Directors),
  • Organisations employing 5 or more people;
  • You or our organisation has not previously accessed Leadership and Management funding.

What’s available?

  • Funding of up to £1,000 per organisation – one grant per organisation.
  • The first £500 does not need to be matched funded.  The first unmatched £500 is given to organisation to train one leader or manager.  The remaining  can be used to support the same person or others who have a direct impact on strategic development of the organisation.

You can use this funding to improve your skills and performance through training, coaching or working towards a qualification.

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Don’t miss this opportunity, you can be start sooner than you think.