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Vishen Lakhiani 2Mindvalley has received numerous awards as a result of the bold and innovative way its Founder Vishen Lakhiani has decided to run his business.  And it continues to grow.

Vishen has now taken to sharing much of the strategies for his success with other businesses, but how brave will many today’s’ owner managers be in adopted his strategies.

Most of us would undoubtedly agree that we would love his levels of success, but this has only happened because he has been prepared to do things very differently and to try new things.

I think the new bread of successful entrepreneur will be those who are not concerned about what others will think when they try new a different ways to building their business, supporting and developing their staff and actually caring about their people.

What they will be more concerned about is the quality of the life their people live, in and outside of work time, because they will understand far more clearly than leaders and managers of the past, is that when people are happy at work, when they feel truly valued and appreciated, they are more motivated, perform better, produce more, provide far better quality customer service and are happier.  The level of happiness at work impacts on how a business as a whole performs.

We need a new type of CEO, Director, MD and Manager.  Will you be that person in your role and in how you run your business?

I know that Vishen would be happy for me to share this link with you.

Be inspired!

Mindvalley Love Week

Sandra Pollock


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