Personal Brand

Presenters at NationwidePersonal brand was the topic for a day spent with the Nationwide’s WIN network.  Sandra spoke with the 70 strong audience of delegate on her journey to developing her personal brand for her life and her business.

Sandra shared with the audience where her passion for personal development started and some of the many techniques and strategies she has developed over the years, which have strengthened her own levels of confidence and those her clients.  Knowing how to develop a good personal brand is the foundation for setting our own and updating it when required.

It is the amazing to see the work that an organisation the size of the Nationwide is doing to support and develop their female staff.  It was a pleasure to be invited to help with this development.  There was such an amazing atmosphere it was clear that people enjoy working for Nationwide.

There are few events that I have attended over my many years, as a guest speaker and presenter, that has in itself had such an inspirational impact on me, even though I was the guest speaker.  Sandra Pollock, Director Open Mind Coaching.

The event has moved Sandra to develop a new booklet on ‘The Mirror Challenge’, which many of the WIN network are taking part in.  Watch this space for information on how you can find out more about it.