South Africa

Some times I forget that a blog can include short pieces as well as the larger ones.  I’ve gotten into Twitter so much so that I forget I can put shorts on this also.

I’m off to South Africa today with a team working on a Management Skills project.  It is quite exciting. This will be my first time in South Africa and I can’t wait.  Although our schedule looks quite busy. I am hoping that we get some time to sight-see and take lots of pictures.
In preparing for this trip, I was surprised at how stressed I was, wondering about what I needed to take and how I will manage the flight.  You see I get bored and like to have something to do. So one of my biggest issues, was sorting out what I would take with me on the place so that I will have something to do.

I have lots of training material to develop and even more ideas for articles to write, so as long as I have enough pens and paper I should be okay.  Pity they won’t allow me to take my knitting, then I could really relax.
Many years ago when I started travelling with my family, I would just go off to sleep and wake to eat or when it was time to get off the place. Now, I sleep much less and therefore need to be busy.

Well the bags are packed and I’m just waiting for my husband and daughter who are going to take me to the airport.  Not looking forward to the good-byes, so shall not quite say those words.

Pictures start from now.  Will let you know how it goes

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