Train The Trainer

Need some help improving your technique?

Confidence waning in front of deglegates?

Want to improve the quality of your learning materials?

Find out why Sandra is often called the Trainers’ Trainer or even the Coaches’ Coach.

Sandra has a gained reputation in the industry as an exceptional trainer and coach to the professionals. Her style, understanding of people and approach to learning and learners is a combination which creates an experience not to be missed.

Just writing to thank you for all your effort…  I have to say it was very impressive watching someone communicating with such ease to a group of 40+ people who you have never met!  Although I wasn’t going to stay beyond the set up stage, …….I’m glad I got a chance to listen.   Must be a nice skill to have, presenting to people, but also making it sound relaxed and informal.
The team are delighted….. And would like to thank you for your significant contribution Sandra.  I look forward to our next catch soon. M Holmes, EMB

Sandra is called upon by other trainers, facilitators and coaches to help improve their skills and techniques, as they support their clients, learners, coachees, mentees and develop their workshop materials. Sandra regularly conducts ‘Train The Trainer’ seminars and workshops in which she shares from her experienced and skills, supporting trainers at all levels of experience.

Sandy attended a course I run entitled ‘Achieving Success Through Effective Communication’.  Following the course I asked Sandy to feedback over and above the evaluation form, as I have a high regard for her professionalism in training and management development.  Her feedback was incredibly valuable and has enabled me to improve and develop the course for the future. Maggie Robinson, M Powered Coaching

Helping trainers and facilitator understand their roles and influence on learners/delegates – this is the goal.

Improve your skills, perception, emotional intelligence, planning and even your training materials; improve your style and presence in front of the audience; improve you confidence as a trainer or facilitator. These roles to not always come naturally, but can be mastered.

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